Townville Small Animal Care
Our Services
Our team is committed to offering high quality veterinary care for all of your small animals. We believe that our pets are a part of our family and should receive the care that you want for your loved ones.
Services Include:
  • New Pet Exams
  • Pet Dentistry
  • Exotic Animal Care
  • Preventative Care
  • Life Stage Planning
  • Acupuncture
  • Laser Therapy
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Notes From Our Patients
  • “We've been going to Dr. Bowers for over 10 years. She is wonderful with our dogs and cat, and we can't imagine taking them anywhere else. Thanks, Townville Small Animal Care! ”

Your Townville Veterinarian

Dr. Barky and Dr. Bowers look forward to welcoming you and your pets to our vet clinic, where we will treat your pet like family.

Our accredited and experienced vets are not only doctors but also pet lovers themselves. We know what a special place your animal holds in your heart and will always provide the highest level of care with compassion and respect.

Who We Treat

Our comprehensive approach to care is designed to keep your beloved dog, cat, rabbit, lizard, bird, or turtle healthy and happy. We also have a small pet specialist on-site to take care or gerbils, Guinea pigs, or any other cherished critter that holds a place in your heart. Our team trained in treating exotics is the most respected in the area.

Pet Wellness Visits

Routine yearly exams and immunizations will help your pet stay healthy, especially with the unique risks that animals face as they adventure in Colorado. We will discuss your pet’s needs and customize a treatment plan. 

  • Routine exams and blood work
  • Rabies immunizations and licensing
  • Additional immunizations
  • Blood work and medication to prevent heartworm
  • Free adoption check-ups
  • Dental cleanings
  • Senior and geriatric exams
  • Juvenile immunizations and de-worming
  • Socialization classes
  • Spay and neuter
  • Pain management
  • Behavioral and nutritional counselling
  • Prescription food and medication
  • End of life counselling and care

In addition to the high-quality vet care we offer, our doctors are a wealth of knowledge on almost any topic regarding pet training, behavior, and are happy to share their ideas and resources with you.

Daycare and Boarding

If your pet is not able to take a trip with you, we’ll take care of it! Our daycare and boarding services will leave you feeling confident your pets are in good hands.

Microchipping Services

Losing your best friend is traumatic. To make sure your pet is returned to you quickly in the event they jump the fence during fireworks or slip their collar during a walk, we offer microchipping services. Microchipping will make your reunion faster and more likely.

Emergency Vet Appointments

Emergencies sometimes happen and can cause stress since your pets can’t tell you what is wrong. Whether they have had an accident while hiking or just do not seem like themselves, our clinic will prioritize your emergency and treat your pet quickly.

Pet Hospital Services

Our pet hospital accommodates all types of surgeries in our two surgical suites. Vets or technicians will assist our surgeons to ensure patient comfort and safety using the latest technology to monitor vitals.

We have heated tables and constant monitoring for our post-op patients to ensure their comfort and smooth recovery.

We work with many pet insurance plans and financing companies to make treatment more comfortable in your budget.

Give Us a Call

We look forward to welcoming you and your furry, scaly, or feathered friends to join our family of animal lovers here at Townville Veterinarian Clinic. Give us a call today to schedule your best friend’s appointment.

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